This is to help you write to the planners at Purbeck District Council to support the wind farm on the Puddletown Road. Firstly, thanks! There will probably be some people shouting very loudly about their objections, and we need to show that they do not represent the majority. This is the single best thing that you can do to help (there are other things). The opinions of everyone in Purbeck are important – not just those right next to the site, so grab your pen and paper!


Background Information:

Many people like the idea of a carbon-free energy source, but have doubts over the potential problems with wind turbines such as noise, shadow flicker and the effects on wildlife. For more info on these issues, see the 'Lets look at the facts' section of our website, but in brief: extensive studies have been performed as part of the planning application to show that none of these will be a problem and that there will be no significant risk to anyone or anything from the wind farm. The results of the studies can be found in the Non Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement ( only contentious issue is how it will look.


Who to Write To:

Planning Department, Purbeck District Council, Westport House, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4PP

Alternatively you can use the developers website form to submit an online comment here...


What To Include:

Your letter will have much more weight if you write it yourself instead of just signing a standard one. Things you could include are:


·         Your contact details (so they know where you live, and that your opinion should count)

·         The planning application number: 6/2010/0082

·         That you are writing to support the wind farm

·         That you care about future of the planet, and think that steps need to be taken to reduce carbon emissions

·         That you understand that the Climate Change Act and the EU renewable energy targets means that onshore wind turbines will have to become more common

·         That Dorset and/or Purbeck should do its bit and not rely on others

·         That you like the look of wind turbines, or that you don’t mind the look given what they do

·         That you therefore do not think that they will have a significant visual impact on the landscape

·         That you hope that Purbeck District Council grants permission for them to be built

·         Anything else you think relevant

·         Signature

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