We support the wind farm development because:

We believe wind power has a vital role to play in a sustainable and safe energy future and is available now.

100% renewable energy, no emissions, no pollution and no waste.

Running at 27% capacity this 9.2MW farm would produce 21,754,000 KW hours per year, enough to power around 5000 homes.

Will reduce demand on fossil fuel burning power stations.

A coal fired power station would typically emit 19,000 tonnes of CO2 to generate the same amount of electricity (ref. WWF &  European Pollutant Emission Reg. - Kingsnorth - 0.89 tonnes per MWh).

If we achieve the Government’s target of around 10% of UK electricity generation from renewables by 2010 we could save 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 - a positive step in tackling climate change!

We are the windiest country in Europe but last year Spain installed 8 times as much capacity than we did, Germany almost 4 times and France twice as much. China installed more in one year than we have in total.
Local community benefit fund.

A full Environmental Impact Assessment has been prepared. There are no significant impacts on birds, bats or other wildlife; the RSPB support appropriately placed wind farms because they see climate change as a bigger threat.

Modern wind farms are not noisy or a health hazard, turbines have become much quieter in recent years and have to be compliant with the Environmental Health and other strict planning guidelines.
The Sustainable Development Commission tells us, “Noise levels from wind farms are on a par with rural background noise at night time.”

The Environmental Impact Assessment has shown that there will NO ADVERSE AFFECTS on the environment. The government and energy companies have shown that wind turbines ARE useful (otherwise they wouldn’t be built!). So the ONLY reason to object is on visual grounds!
The development is inline with Dorset’s Energy Strategy (2005), it would generate 11-13% of the 2010 renewables target and be Dorset’s first wind farm.

They will be visable but NOT intrusive due to it’s location of Masters Pit.

If you agree with us please write to the Planning Dept. Purbeck District Council, Westport House, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4PP to express your support for this development.
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